Safety & Security

Intrusion Detection & Video Surveillance

Digital Operations Group began specializing in intrusion detection and video surveillance due to a large number of requests that we had received from our clients.

Since then, we have continuously worked hard to maintain a full knowledge base of the different features and benefits that are available. This helps us properly select and tailor the right options for you.

Internal or 24/7 Monitoring?

Whether you choose to manage your safety & security systems internally, or if you trust us with it, Digital Operations Group offers an array of monitoring options tailored to meet your needs. Contact a Digital Operations Group Representative to learn more.

Our Core Capabilities


Stay vigilante with the right surveillance system for your organization!

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your cameras internally with CCTV or opt in to our 24/7 monitoring.

Intrusion Detection

Be alerted when your organization has an unwanted visitor