Digital Operations Group IS Excellence In Service

50 Years of Experience

Most agree that there is no better teacher than experience. At Digital Operations Group, our 50 years of hands on experience has helped us deliver the best solutions for any situation, regardless of any obstacles that may stand in our way.

Highly Trained Technicians

To ensure an excellent customer experience, our Technicians are well trained to adapt, improvise, and overcome in any situation. Due to the rapidly changing industry, all of our technicians undergo continuing education on a monthly basis.

High & Tight Cabling

Nothing's worse than a mess of cables hanging around on rafters, on wall fixtures, or even on the floor. They cause hazards and look unprofessional. We keep cables clean and out of sight.

Solutions For Every Need

We offer solutions for every need, such as: New Installations, Upgrades, Relocation, Wire Management/Clean up, Design and more. Our services include: Systems Integration, Audio/Visual Solutions, Access & Security Solutions, Network, Communications, and More.

What's In The Name

Our name, Digital Operations Group, has become a direct reflection of the way we do business. Director and former U.S. Navy Electronics Technician, Tim Smith, founded Digital Operations Group with the mission of providing a level of quality service comparable to that of most military operations. Everyday, our Technical Specialist are deployed to the field, tasked with the mission of identifying and fulfilling your organization’s Information Technology needs.

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